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I’m Here For You, Not For Them

No person should be in a metal cage for what they choose for their own body, marijuana or otherwise.

What adults choose to do with their body with other consenting adults is their business, not that of the government.

Drug and alcohol abuse is best handled by families, counselors & doctors working together, not police and courts.

Small business owners and operators deserve competent legal counsel navigating the harsh, highly regulated, demanding legal landscape. 

These principles form the bedrock of my law practice.

I offer a free 30-minute initial office consultation on criminal cases by appointment, all other business and civil appointments are billed at my hourly rate.

Pro Bono (Free Services) including consultations are available for Clients with terminal or life threatening conditions including Epilepsy/HIV/MS/Cancer.

If I am unavailable please leave a name, number, and a detailed messaged.

I return most calls within 48 hours, but trials or other work may alter this schedule, including emergency matters such as clients in jail or under arrest who require immediate assistance.

Licensed & Admitted to Practice in Oregon & The District of Columbia(Washington, D.C.)

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