My hourly rate is $400 per hour for business and industry clients on non-criminal matters such as negotiation,business incorporation, contracts, development work, general business counsel, etc. These rates reflect a record of favorable negotiations & work for clients on thousands of cases & matters. Minimum Business Retainer for ongoing client work is generally $5k.

Payments are due via USD in Cash, Cashier’s Check, Credit, Debit.

I accept CAD,MXN,YEN,EUR,GBP,CHF as well in person at the day’s FOREX.

I assess most criminal cases on a flat fee retained basis so that you will know the cost up front of representation for a criminal case and will know the exact amount charged in advance of hiring my office. A minimum of 50% of the pretrial fee is due before work commences with an agreement to pay the additional fees over time.

Criminal Cases may be paid via property liens or title to vehicles/homes if needed.

Misdemeanor/violation cases start at $2,500-$10,000 for most offenses like Marijuana Violation,Reckeless Driving, DUII, Criminal Trespass,Assault-4,Prostitution, etc.

Low level felony cases are generally $5,000-$7,500

Prison felonies (More than 1 year of incarceration) start at $7,500-$15,000.

Measure 11 and Minimum Mandatory Drug Cases start at $10,000-$25,000 depending on complexity of offenses and charges. Other cases can be quoted as needed.

A few minutes & hours of my time can save you many months and years of your life in the system.

Example: 3+ years of probation fees alone is more than $2-4k in many cases. A change from a misdemeanor to violation may well save you the entire fee from your case.


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