Most criminal cases are done on a flat fee basis so that you will know the cost up front of representation for a criminal case and will know the exact amount charged in advance of hiring my office.

Large criminal cases may be paid via property liens or title to vehicles/homes.

My hourly rate for 2019 is $400.

Minimum business retainer for ongoing corporate client work is $5000-10,000, please inquire before sending checks.

A few minutes & hours of my time can save you many MONTHS and YEARS of your life in the system as well as MONEY!

Example: 3+ years of probation fees can total $3000 or more.

A change from a misdemeanor to violation on a simple $2500 case due to my work would save you THE ENTIRE FEE from your case paid to me and even having to be on probation in the first place which is often worth much, much more to busy clients with busy lives.

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