Property/Theft Crimes

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The following is a list of the most common property and theft crimes listed in the ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes) both at the felony and misdemeanor/violation levels. Many of these offenses are subject to enhanced sentencing under Oregon’s Repeat Property Offender or Ballot Measure 57/REPO statute, which means that lengthy prison sentences become mandatory with repeated offenses, even if committed over time and charged at a single arraignment.

164.043     Theft in the third degree

164.045     Theft in the second degree

164.055     Theft in the first degree

164.057     Aggravated theft in the first degree

164.065     Theft of lost, mislaid property

164.075     Theft by extortion

164.085     Theft by deception

164.095     Theft by receiving

164.098     Organized retail theft

164.105     Right of possession

164.115     Value of property

164.125     Theft of services

164.132     Unlawful distribution of cable television equipment

164.135     Unauthorized use of a vehicle

164.138     Criminal possession of a rented or leased motor vehicle

164.140     Criminal possession of rented or leased personal property

164.162     Mail theft or receipt of stolen mail

164.170     Laundering a monetary instrument

164.172     Engaging in a financial transaction in property derived from unlawful activity

164.205     Definitions for ORS 164.205 to 164.270

164.215     Burglary in the second degree

164.225     Burglary in the first degree

164.235     Possession of a burglary tool or theft device

164.243     Criminal trespass in the second degree by a guest

164.245     Criminal trespass in the second degree

164.255     Criminal trespass in the first degree

164.265     Criminal trespass while in possession of a firearm

164.272     Unlawful entry into a motor vehicle

164.278     Criminal trespass at a sports event

164.315     Arson in the second degree

164.325     Arson in the first degree

164.335     Reckless burning

164.345     Criminal mischief in the third degree

164.354     Criminal mischief in the second degree

164.365     Criminal mischief in the first degree

164.373     Tampering with cable television equipment

164.377     Computer crime

164.383     Unlawfully applying graffiti

164.386     Unlawfully possessing a graffiti implement

164.395     Robbery in the third degree

164.405     Robbery in the second degree

164.415     Robbery in the first degree

164.775     Deposit of trash within 100 yards of waters or in waters; license suspensions; civil penalties; credit for work in lieu of fine

164.785     Placing offensive substances in waters, on highways or other property

164.805     Offensive littering

164.813     Unlawful cutting and transport of special forest products

164.815     Unlawfully transporting hay

164.825     Cutting and transport of coniferous trees without permit or bill of sale

164.857     Unlawfully transporting metal property

164.863     Unlawful transport of meat animal carcasses

164.865     Unlawful sound recording

164.868     Unlawful labeling of a sound recording

164.869     Unlawful recording of a live performance

164.872     Unlawful labeling of a videotape recording

164.875     Unlawful videotape recording

164.882     Unlawful operation of an audiovisual device

164.885     Endangering aircraft

164.886     Unlawful tree spiking; unlawful possession of substance that can damage certain wood processing equipment

164.887     Interference with agricultural operations

164.889     Interference with agricultural research

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