Marijuana in Oregon

The World is Changing

Are You Prepared?

My office works with all aspects of Oregon business, civil, and administrative law related to HB3460 (Medical Marijuana Facility/Dispensary), Measure 91, HB3400 and SB460 including Oregon SOS LLC incorporation/formation and registration,Member Agreements, Operating Agreements, Partnerships, Employment Contracts, EIN filings, PRF registrations,Compliance Checks, Background Checks/Record Reductions and Expungements for owner/operators seeking licenses.

Understanding Medical & Recreational Marijuana for Adults 21+

Recreational Early Start Sales Began October 1st, 2015. Measure 91/HB3400 makes marijuana legal for all adults, 21+ years of age, in Oregon on July 1st, 2015 with licensed, regulated cultivation, processing, wholesaling, and retail sales administered via OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission). OLCC Marijuana Stores now also carry medical marijuana products as well.



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