Results & Rates

NOTICE: UNDER OREGON LAW: No defense attorney can guarantee you an outcome in a criminal case

These cases are a sample of the cases I represent. Please contact me personally about your individual case for a review.

Many of my cases are not publicly available and have been sealed by the Court upon my request to protect client privacy.

Client on felony drug probation was detained for DUII & Arrested. Motion to Suppress Illegally Gathered Evidence filed. Judge granted Motion Denying Prosecution Use of Evidence. Case Dismissed

Client was arrested for felony possession of Marijuana, Hash, Scales, & Drug Paraphernalia. Motion to Suppress filed based on illegal search and seizure by police. Evidence suppressed. Case Dismissed.

Client was profiled & stopped for faulty equipment. Client and other passenger were detained, searched, questioned, gave full confessions, arrested and charged with Felony Possession & Delivery of Marijuana, as well as money laundering, & possession of MDMA. Client faced 2-5 years of prison time. Motions to suppress stop and all evidence seized by police filed and litigated by my office over unlawful expansion of police conduct. Court suppressed all evidence and confessions, including many pounds of marijuana, other drugs and large sums of cash. Case Dismissed.


Many criminal matters and record removal matters will cost less than $3500 and often less than $1000 on a flat fee basis with a monthly payment plan for filings.

My hourly rate is $400 for complex matters than cannot be handled on a flat fee basis.

A few minutes & hours of my time can save you months and years of your life in the system as well as money. 3+ years of probation fees can total $3000+, so a change from a misdemeanor to violation on case due to my work could save you the entire fee from your case & having to be on probation in the first place!

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